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Morse Practice Page

by KN4YRM with assistance from AB5TN, KN6WKV, N1CC, VE3QBZ, VK5PL, WO6W, and W4EMB Inspired by and adapted from the SC Phillips morse-pro library. To view source, please go to our github repository. To ask user questions, report bugs, request features and more email us or join our groups.io. Videos to help you use this site are found on YouTube Click "here" for a User Guide to help you use this site or it can be found on the LICW website at https://longislandcwclub.org/ WARNING: You are using the BETA (unstable) version. The latest stable release is recommended. Version 1.13
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Characters played

The following textarea contains the text that will be used for practice. This can be set manually or selected using the options found in the LICW Lessons section.


When pressed, the "Custom group" button generates working text using the text entered in the "Custom group text" text input instead of from a lesson.


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